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A-Level Tutoring

£35/ hour

If you have chosen to study A-Level Spanish you are likely to be one of my fellow language lovers. Congratulations you have started a fascinating journey! Sometimes though, the jump from GCSE to A-Level might feel a bit daunting. Or maybe you are actually thriving but would like to extend your knowledge even further.

Whatever your situation might be, I'm here for you. Contact me to learn more.

A-Level Tutoring

What is in it for you?

- Free online meeting to set your goals and expectations for our online sessions.

- Personalised learning plan depending on your goals.

- Tailored lessons following your exam board specification.

- Regular practise on all 4 skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing). 

- Clear grammar explanations and follow-up activities. 

- Personalised homework and vocabulary sets. 

- Materials for you to use independently. 

- Reading guides and lessons based around key literary texts. 

- Practise and support with essays and oral presentations.

- Regular feedback on progress and areas for improvement. 

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